Sewer project work stalled

Published 2:30 am Saturday, March 26, 2011

The results of studies by two engineering firms will determine how much longer work along Belleville Avenue will take to complete.
Ray Madden, supervisor of the Brewton City Gas and Water Department, said portions of work already completed appear to be less than perfect.
“The engineers overseeing the job have found that the grade on some of the work is off and will need to be addressed,” Madden said. “The problems could delay the work for another month.”
Madden said the problems to be addressed are confined to the area between Underwood and Halsey streets in the construction area.
“Underwood Street won’t have to be shut down again for the work,” Madden said. “The problem will be in the area between Halsey and the intersection at Underwood.”
Madden said the issues on the grade of the street bed were discovered following a recent period of rain.
“That area was holding some water and we knew something wasn’t right,” Madden said. “The engineers looked at it and the grade is off a little.”
Although one group of engineers have made a determination that the work must be corrected, contractors on the project will be making their own surveys on the grading issues.
Martin Construction of Atmore is doing the work along Belleville Avenue that has included sewer and water line construction.
“We relayed the information from the engineers to Martin Construction about the issues,” Madden said. “They are going to have their own engineers do a flow check on the grade already in place.”
Madden said after engineers make the results of their final surveys known to the city and Martin Construction, it will be decided how best to proceed with the work.
“Other areas of the work done are fine,” Madden said. “It’s better that this was found now. This problem would have been found in a final inspection. By finding it now it can be corrected before the final paving is done.”
Madden said the work could delay completion for up to a month.
“The company will continue to work while the surveys are done by the engineers,” Madden said. “They are working on another portion of Belleville Avenue right now and that is going fine. They will be working on Saturday’s and Sundays to finish the project.”
The work began last July along Belleville Avenue and has continued to keep portions of Belleville Avenue closed throughout that time. The original deadline for an end to the project has been passed with the company now paying $500 per day in liquidated damages until the project is completed. Madden said the damages fees will continue to accumulate until the project is completed.

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