Toddler recovering from wreck

Published 2:00 am Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just two weeks before Christmas last year, the Rose family was facing the worst nightmare a family can face. Now, just in time for Easter the family is celebrating the life of a child
Arianna Rose, the 2-year-old daughter of Brandon and Jessica Rose, was severely injured in an automobile accident along with her mother on U.S. 31 North.
The days that followed the accident were harrowing for the family including Arianna’s grandparents, Mike and Alison Rose.
The Roses are currently caring for the toddler, who has shown significant improvement over what doctors initially expected.
“When we saw Arianna lying in a coma the doctors told us this is what we were going to have with her,” Alison said. “We didn’t want to accept that and the prayers began to go up on her behalf.”
In the months since that accident Alison said the bright-eyed young girl has proven that hope is always alive.
“To see where Arianna was in December, January, February and into March and where she is now can only be explained as a miracle,” Alison said. “People who see her now and know how far she’s come, it gives them hope when they had lost hope for themselves.”
Arianna remained in a coma even after doctors released her from Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Her awakening was long in coming, but the Rose family believes there is a purpose for the journey they are taking together.
A one-vehicle accident sent Arianna Rose, Jessica Rose and Victoria Jackson to medical facilities on the afternoon of Dec. 12. Jessica and Arianna were transported to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Fla., by Lifeflight while Victoria was transported by ambulance.
Victoria was treated for her injuries and released later, while Jessica would spend days recovering from surgery required to repair some of her injuries. Arianna would take much longer to begin some form of recognized recover.
Arianna was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham a few weeks later in late December. Her injuries had left her in a coma unable to eat, speak or even open her eyes.
Arianna was treated for her injuries and doctors had gotten her to a point that indicated no further treatment would be beneficial in the child’s recovery.
“They sent her home still in a coma,” Alison said. “She came home to us in mid-January, but she was not awake. Doctor’s had told us that a feeding tube and some other medical things had been done and what we saw with her was what we could expect.”
Alison said the first glimmer of hope that Arianna would once again become a vibrant toddler came in March.
“I was talking to someone about football,” Mike said. “I got a little loud with the conversation and Arianna heard me. She reacted and she opened one eye.”
Alison said that first twinkle of an eye gave her the answer to a prayer she and countless others had prayed since that day in December.
“I knew then she was coming back to us,” Alison said. “She is our little miracle.”
Arianna continues to require treatment and therapy for muscle weakness she still experiences because of the severe head/brain trauma she suffered as a result of the accident.
Alison said doctors gave little, if any hope that the toddler would return to an active lifestyle.
“The told us that the chances of her waking up were slim, but look at her now,” Alison said. “They said she would possibly be blind, but she woke up, she sees and recognizes pictures and remembers things that happened before the accident. She does still have a feeding tube but is gradually beginning to eat and drink. She’s gone from a bottle to a sippy-cup and we hope that by the end of May the feeding tube will be gone.”
Physically, Arianna still requires leg braces at times and will continue to receive therapy for her muscle weakness, Alison said.
“She’s still got a long way to go,” Alison said. “But, look at that face. She’s already come a long way. We know that God has His hand on her and will continue to work miracles in her life. God is good.”

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