Blairs express thanks for happy ending

Published 3:02 pm Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We would like to send a special thanks to all those who gave support during the time our husband, father and grandfather, Rufus Blair, was missing, lost over two days and nights in the woods near Castleberry. Words cannot express how appreciative we are for those wonderful people who gave aid during this time.
A special thanks goes to Sheriff Grover Smith of Escambia County and Sheriff Booker from Conecuh County, who organized the search. They kept it going until Rufus was found using every means of search available. Also, a special thanks goes to Chief Deputy Mike Lambert and all law officers and members of the fire departments who searched, to all members of rescue squads, Brewton Red Cross, Woody Jackson and Forestry personnel, Alabama State Trooper helicopter pilot John Tremble, Captain Matthew Hammons of the Criminal Investigation Division, and diver Wayne Martin. Thanks to Debbie Goebels who came from Prattville late at night with her two tracking dogs, volunteering her services, and to Chad Barley, who found and reported the car so we knew where to search. Thanks to the emergency medical technicians who transported Rufus to McMillan Hospital where we were met by caring staff and good, caring doctors. A special thanks to Dr. Low, Dr. Whittle, Dr. DeFrancisco, and the hospital staff. Also, thanks to the news coverage which helped put the word out. To all the news media, especially Lisa Tindell and The Brewton Standard, and the Atmore Advance, the Tri-City Ledger and all the others who put out the missing report, which was a vital part of the search. Except for those reports, there is a good possibility the care wouldn’t have been found.
Thanks to those people who came and sat with us and encouraged us as we anxiously waited, to those who drove the roads in their cars, searching, to those who were on the lookout for his car as they drove to town or work, to those who put up fliers, to those who called, sent texts, or emailed, those who joined the search party, brought food or stopped by to show care and concern, especially to those who prayed whether you prayed with us or prayed wherever you were. Thanks to Jimmy Warren who opened the fellowship hall of the Castleberry Methodist Chruch so family and friends could have a cool place to wait. Thanks to Wayne Thompson of Blair Auto Sales who did such a good job cleaning the car and checking it out.
Our biggest thanks go to God, our Heavenly Father, who answered all our prayers and protected Rufus and brought him back to us. My God bless each of you.
I attended the 9/11 memorial service at Jefferson Davis Community College, where our local law enforcement officers, firemen, rescue squads, emergency medical persons, and others were also recognized and honored. The next day, Monday, I put on Facebook, that I would never take these people for granted again. I didn’t know that the very next day, we would need all of them.
Emma Blair
for the Blair family

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