Support sought for MLK event

Published 5:09 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Saturday Jan. 14, 1012, the Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC) Brewton Precinct will commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday with our annual parade.
In the past, our community has really supported the MLK parade by coming out and showing love. With every parade, ADC hopes to keep Dr. Martin Luther King’s accomplishments alive in our youth. Just image how dreams fizzle out if not fueled by faith and work.
However, we struggle to get local bad participation. This year, in hopes of creating a band for the annual Martin Luther King Day parade, the Brewton ADC Precinct is issuing an invitation to anyone interested in helping to form a band.
We are asking every parent to involve their children. Also, we are asking every person participating in any school band, to join the MLK parade by playing an instrument, cheerleading, majorettes, flag bearers, etc. All are welcome.
All volunteers may contact Johnny Hall at 251-525-0994; Joe Watson at 251-809-5423 or Regina Watson at 251-363-1524. Please meet each Saturday at Second St. Siloam Church at 1 p.m. for band planning.
This would be a great ting for the community and will show that this community can come together and work for a common goal.
Joseph Watson, Chairman Escambia County ADC