Mom thanks ‘Project Eagle’

Published 10:23 am Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I would like to take this time to thank the coordinators on behalf of all the parents who have their children in the Project Eagle 21st CCLC program at Neal Elementary and Middle School’s summer program. Because of this program, my child Jadin Harper, has been able to have positive and informative experiences he may not have had this summer.

He has gone to Turtle Point, a theater group came to the school and they put on a great production of The Secret Garden in four days, which shows not only the patience Missoula Dram Group had but also how capable children are to learn and retain information if the material is presented in a fun and interesting way. They have had a special outing each week of the program and get to swim at the YMCA two days a week. They have participated in the community garden and are going to the Silver Screen to see a move this week. Next week they are finishing the program with the grand finale of going to the Montgomery Zoo.

This was a great program, throughout the school year as well. They did a fundraiser for Honor Flight and were able to see the Veterans as they disembarked the plane from their trip. It gave many children a chance to interact with others outside of the classroom setting, assisted with their homework and let them play — something that is given less and less time for as the years go by but is vitally important to keep their minds refreshed and ready to learn.

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The site coordinators, Kina Burkett and Sandra Barrow, deserve much praise and recognition for all their hard efforts. I certainly appreciate it.

Michele Harper

East Brewton