Video tails thief?

Published 2:00 am Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A man who has given authorities a Milton, Fla., and a Knoxville, Tenn., address won’t have to worry which city is home for a while since he’ll be spending time behind bars following an arrest on a long list of charges.
Gary Daughtery, 34, is facing four counts of breaking and entering a vehicle; first-degree criminal mischief; second-degree criminal mischief and third-degree burglary after his escapades of July 4th were caught on video surveillance at locations in Brewton.
Brewton Police Lt. Brock Holt said Daugherty’s actions were caught on videotape on at least two surveillance systems last week.
“We were able to time his activity based on surveillance video at Walmart and at Murphy Oil,” Holt said. “We were able to basically follow him through the video to document his activity.”
The suspect was caught on tape breaking into the Walmart pharmacy where he gained access and took pseudophedrine, which is an ingredient used in making methamphetamines, Holt said.
“The suspect also took a gas can and supplies needed to siphon gas and a shirt on his way back out of the store,” Holt said. “He was then seen leaving the store in the direction of Murphy Oil.”
Holt said Daugherty’s charges on breaking and entering a vehicle stemmed from damage the suspect is believed to have caused to four – possibly five – vehicles on the lot of the Peach Chevrolet dealership.
“The suspect attempted to hot-wire at least one vehicle on the lot,” Holt said. “The damage in the vehicles indicates he was trying to steal a vehicle on the lot.”
Holt said the sunroof of a car was busted in and the steering column of the same vehicle was severely damaged.
“We put together our information and determined the damage and the incidents at Walmart were all by the same guy,” Holt said. “The only way he was able to get away from the area before we could get him was because a citizen at Tom Thumb gave him a ride.”
Holt said the thefts and vehicle damage caused by the suspect began at about 9:50 p.m. on July 4.
“He left here and, based on our information, got into a little trouble down around Saraland,” Holt said. “He is also facing charges there as well.”
Holt said Daughtery is being held in the Mobile County Metro Jail on the charges against him.
Lori Myles with Mobile County Sheriff’s Department said Daughtery is facing a laundry list of charges from an arrest in Saraland. The suspect was booked into the Mobile facility July 6 where he remains as of press time.
Saraland law enforcement officials have charged the suspect with reckless endangerment; running a red light; first-degree robbery; first-degree receiving stolen property; improper lane change; attempting to elude; driving while license revoked; first-degree attempted assault; failure to use proper signals; third-degree theft of property; and a violation of the litter law.

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