Meth lab found

Published 4:33 pm Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Five people were jailed Saturday after East Brewton police found an active meth lab inside a Cedar Street home.
Chief Kenny Brazile said officers were acting on a tip about the sale of illegal narcotics at the home of Lonnie Mitchell Emmons. A search warrant revealed the information was correct, Brazile said.
“When we executed the search warrant, we found marijuana, cash, firearms and a working meth lab,” Brazile said. “We arrested three people there, and then another two after they attempted to contact Mr. Emmons by telephone, telling him of the search warrant being executed at the residence.”
Arrested were:
• Emmons, 21, for distribution of a controlled substance; possession of marijuana I with the intent to distribute; possession of drug paraphernalia; manufacturing of a controlled substance; and possession of a controlled substance;
• Scott M. Emmons, 48, for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and manufacturing of a controlled substance;
• Rachel Ann Davis, 25, for possession of marijuana I with the intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and manufacturing of a controlled substance; and,
• John Green, 32, and Mariah Turk, 26, for obstruction of governmental operations and reckless endangerment.
“(Green and Turk) got a phone call about the search warrant being conducted at the home and they were attempting to contact Emmons to head him off from the residence,” Brazile said. “They were driving very recklessly to stop Emmons, with a 3-year-old in the car.
“To anyone who helps or assist people who are doing drugs, anyone who assist drug dealers, we want to send a message – we’re going to get you too,” Brazile said. “We are going to continue to go after all drug dealers or anyone who has anything to do with drug dealers to continue to protect our city and rid our city of these drugs including the communities in my jurisdiction. So, if there is anyone who has information or suspects drug activity in their community, call me, and we will investigate every call.”
More arrests are expected in connection with this case, Brazile said.
To reach the EBPD, call 251.867.4865.