Survey says…: Superintendent survey results revealed

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Public opinion says the Brewton City School System should look outside the system but inside the state for the next superintendent.
Those desires were two of many revealed at Tuesday’s board meeting as results of the recent online survey and community meetings were discussed.
Dr. Terry Jenkins with the Alabama Association of School Boards delivered the message.
“It’s our job to get input, advertise, solicit candidates, evaluate them and bring five finalists to the board,” Jenkins said. “This information (discussed Tuesday) helps us do that by telling what parents, the community and staff want in the next superintendent.”
Jenkins met one-on-one with board members last week and on Thursday with local officials, community members, staff and parents.
Some 150 people filled out the anonymous online survey, and 17 people attended the Thursday meetings.
“Most of the responses we got were typical,” Jenkins said. “When we go in and find that things are generally positive in the system, the turnout is lower.”
Overall, the public asked the board to find a “good communicator and listener” who makes a deliberate effort to communicate with the community and who has financial management skills and a traditional education background.
Of the 150 respondents, 47.6 percent were parents; 25.2 percent were community members; 19.6 percent were system employees; 6.3 percent selected “none;” and .14 percent was either a parent of a homeschool student or a BCS student.
For the groups, ensuring student safety and discipline, demonstrating effective communication skills and creating a positive climate for employees were the three top requirements.
By law, superintendent candidates must have a master’s degree; however, respondents felt candidates must have classroom instruction and have administrative experience. Of the 150 people, 42 percent felt the candidates must have served elsewhere as a superintendent, while 44 percent were neutral.
Only 13 percent of the 150 people believed the next superintendent should be a current BCS employee, while 33 percent were neutral. Some 37 percent believed he/she should be from Alabama and 60 percent believed the candidate should not be hired from outside Alabama.
The application period will open Thursday and close March 27. The salary range is $110,000 to $125,000 depending on experience and qualifications. Finalists will be announced April 6.
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