Littles passes away

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Longtime Brewton City Councilman Bill Littles has passed away after an extended illness.

City officials said Littles, who was elected to the District No. 3 seat in 2012, ran “on his dedication to collaboration with citizens, expanded recreational and cultural activities and community beautification as well as economic development.”

He passed away late Tuesday after battling a long illness.

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City council members expressed their sadness over the loss.

“Councilman Littles was a man of great courage, unquestionable ethics and reason,” said Mayor Lovelace. “He always put the best interest of our entire city above all else in his decision-making and his life is an example to us all.”

Lovelace, who delivered the eulogy at Littles’ Saturday funeral service, described Littles as a hardworking man who loved his family and “always had the best interests of the city at heart.”

“He worked three jobs, and I watched as he worked diligently to support his family,” Lovelace said. “He cared for and honored his family and his faith sustained him. I couldn’t tell you the number of times that his wisdom and judgment steered this city in the right direction.

“He always put the best interest of the city above all else in his decision making process,” Lovelace said. “His life was an example to us, but there is nothing I can say that can capture the full man Bill was.”

City Clerk Steve Yuhasz described Littles as “a man of common sense, goodwill, sound judgment and solid moral fiber and integrity. He was a valued voice of reason on our council.”

Littles was a 1969 graduate of Southern Normal School, and served 10 years on the Brewton City Board of Education. He was an original board member at the Brewton Area YMCA, as well as a member of the Sportsman Club.