That time of year

Published 9:44 am Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In the spring of 1981, Frank Cotten, long time coach at T.R. Miller High School, was honored when he retired at the end of the school year. He had been the basketball and football coach at the school since 1966. There was a saying at the time that he was a winner when he started and a winner when he ended his coaching career here in Brewton. A Frank Cotten Day was declared to wish him farewell from his position of coach. He wasn’t going far though. He would be coming back in the fall to become the assistant principal.

In the banking world, Clarence Turnipseed was listed with the Alabama Bankers Association. He had been the president of First National Bank for the past 13 years.

Probate Judge Martha Kirkland was named trustee and recognized by Governor Fob James.

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The University of Alabama was celebrating its 150th anniversary, and Elvira McMillan was recognized at the President’s Mansion as being descended from the first class at the school.

W.S. Neal High School held its prom to the theme of “Best of Times” complete with a plantation scene.

Working was going on at O’Bannon Park to get a practice field ready for the Little League.

Do you remember those hot days and nights of summer at the park? It was such a nice facility and could have been the same even now, but it was not to be as some people did not respect the park and the children who played there. It fell on hard times and today is not the busy place it used to be.

Four inmates at the Escambia County jail escaped, and only one of them had been caught.

A large group of Girl Scouts gathered at Camp McMillan to do some fishing and arts and crafts. The newspaper said there were 200 scouts there.

Pete Davis was named as vice-president of the Deans of Students Association. Pete and his wife, Annette, came by the office of The Brewton Standard the other day. He doesn’t look quite the same as he did 35 years ago, but who does?