They were chubby, scrawny back then

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Being a winner always carries the risk of someday being a loser.

Whether you play sports or you watch it you’re going to find yourself on the losing end at some point.

It’s going to happen, but the rub is to never let a loss define your accomplishments, or more importantly, your path moving forward.

For the 2017 T.R. Miller Tiger baseball team no one would’ve believe a team poised to win-it-all season would end so soon– in walk-off fashion, against the same team at the same place.

Sports can give us the wisdom for a lifetime. As I watched my brother’s team go from the top of the mountain to the depths of the Grand Canyon in a matter of 15 minutes one couldn’t  help but feel sad.

The truth of the matter is this team– for most of its members have been playing together since eight years old– will never be again.

The seniors will move on to the next chapter in their lives, while the underclassmen will have the distaste of a loss until opening day next season.

At season end the numbers will be there. For the great performers the accolades will be collected. But what you’ll remember is the interaction with teammates at practice, on the field, the travel bus, in the dugout, etc. You remember tid bits of coversation with the head coach as you talk gameplan watching the opposing pitcher warm up.

You’ll remember the compliments from parents of “Good game,” after a nice play or a good at-bat you had

I’m sure the parents will miss the good times watching their kids play high school ball. So many bonds are made in those stands.

It’s through sports I have come into contact with so many parents, that between my two other brothers– is quite a few.

All speak graciously of my parents, who I know would be proud of my brother and his team.

The senior group have played many all-stars together, travelled to far away places, won all kinds of titles. Those will always be memories I know my brother will cherish; that each and every senior on Miller will cherish no matter what path he chooses.

It’s been a joy to watch these group of young men play. They were a little chubby, perhaps a little scrawny back in the day, but only pictures can prove this to them otherwise.

Who knows what the future holds. My guess, I’m pretty sure everything will be alright. Things usually workout that way.