TRM FCA Program

Published 12:17 pm Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Any T.R. Miller student who may needs a word or a short prayer to start their day can participate in the program. The T.R. Miller FCA program meets every Wednesday morning that school is in session at 7:30 a.m. in the TRM field house.

“FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and while the program is designed for Christian athletes to come together and meet and have a morning devotional to share their faith,” Adam Robinson said. I have tried not to limit it just to athletes but to any TRM student that wants to come and take part in the event.

The students will be provided will breakfast and drinks for all that attend. Those are brought in by some of the students. “Students can bring their Bibles, if they want, but we do have a few in the field house if needed,” he said.

Robinson said, when they first get together in the mornings, they usually have fun activities, or a game followed with a short prayer and devotion. They usually finish by 7:45 a.m., he said.

“The program is just a way for the students to come in and be with other students and just basically have a morning devotion one day out of the week,” Robinson said. “We have short devotions that are student-led as well as some youth pastors, pastors and others in the area that come in and share short devotions with the students. I have been really proud of the students in the group that have volunteered to lead devotions.”

TRM FCA provides all TRM students with a set meeting place and time to come in and hang out with other Christian students, Robinson said, It gives these students an avenue to maybe step out of their comfort zones and to make a stand for their beliefs and to come together with others, he said.

The number of students who can attend is not limited. “I would love to see the whole school show up,” Robinson said. The meetings are open to all students at TRM from grades 9-12. “It may be hard on them to this with the meetings ending around 7:45 a.m., but if some of the seventh and eighth graders at Brewton Middle School want to come to our meetings, they can come to,” he said. However, any student who attends T.R. Miller School can come.

For more information contact Adam Robinson at his email or any of the students that come to the meeting. “We have several that come but some of the students were instrumental in helping start things back up serve in our Leadership group,” Robinson said. Michael Floyd, Kennedy Harp, Anna Grace White and Noah Winton have really helped as they have been in the group for a few years now, he said. “When they found out that TRM FCA was starting back, they have been the ones to spread the word and help build it back up,” Robinson said. “They are the ones that deserve the credit and recognition.”