Brewton Mayor visits USS Truman

Published 2:27 pm Thursday, February 22, 2018

Brewton Mayor Yank Lovelace and airport director Earl Lambert spent a few days in early February on US Navy aircraft carrier the USS Harry S. Truman witnessing the end result of aircraft training that starts locally with US Navy flight training.

“It was an indescribable thrill to be on the aircraft carrier at sea watching the highly-trained men and women operate landings and launches,” Lovelace said. “It gives you a whole new appreciation of our armed forces and the high tech world they have to learn and practice. It also makes me prouder than ever to live in this great country.”

Lovelace and Lambert met their transport in central Florida on Feb. 8 just hours after the federal shutdown ended. The men spent two nights aboard the carrier as the US Navy Carrier Strike Group participated in pre-deployment training exercises this month. The Truman is based in Norfolk, Va. has has a crew of more than 5,000.

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Brewton Municipal Airport is used as a training base for Naval aviators with several aircraft practicing maneuvers and touch-and-go landing daily. Military pilots must log hundreds of hours of air time before moving up to larger aircraft and eventually to squadrons that utilize carriers just like the nuclear-powered Truman.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the US Navy and all veterans for their loyalty and selfless service to our country,” Lovelace said. “Witnessing their complicated, high-precision work, I understand why they need the most rigorous training regimen the military can provide. Brewton is glad to be a host for that early training.”