The legends of the game

Published 9:58 am Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Many individuals can recall the best game they have ever seen or the best play that they have ever witnessed.
Many ex-players recall the dreams they once lived as they ran down a field toward a yard line or threw a baseball toward a base.
The sports world is filled with stories and histories that build dreams of others.
Names such as Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky or Babe Ruth go down in the books as legends of the game.
As a child, I would often wonder what is was like to score the game-winning goal or score that game-winning touchdown in the last seconds of the Super Bowl.
These are the dreams that build the sports world.
One thing that I have noticed in all professional athletes whom I have talked with over my short years, is that they all had these same dreams.
With combining my passion for history and love for sports, the idea came to me of running a series in this publication, highlighting individuals with relationships to the Brewton area and the sports community.
These individuals some famous, some ordinary people have all experienced the rivalry of the two schools separated by a single creek.
They have all made an impact in our community or in the sports world and have left a small piece of them implanted in the sports history of this beautiful city.
It is important to me to bring these individuals to light to paint a picture for our readers.
The picture painted is one of their once filled glory days in this small town that have taken them on the forever winding road of life.
The love for a game is implanted within them.
The love for these cities is implanted in them.
By a war of two football teams, battling it out on the battlefields of T.R. Miller and W.S. Neal, it has taught them lessons and helped build them into the people that they are.
No matter what school they had associations with or what teams color those chose to wear, one thing remains the same, the love for a sport and these cities.
To me this rivalry is an interesting thing to witness.
No matter what team wins or what school gets the bragging rights for that season, in the end it comes down to lessons learned and the love for a town set.
As young people, they develop life lessons by playing sports.
They learn how to accept defeat, how to continue to fight, how not to give up on a dream.
These are lessons that individuals carry with them for the rest of their lives and help build the person that they are and will become.
Two great coaches stand guard over the football teams of WSN and TRM.
They both share a common interest.
Love for the game and for helping build great individuals.
These are the stories and histories that need to be told.
Two teams battling it out for the best, lead by two great coaches that care about the young people they are leading.