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BMS celebrates African American Heritage

Students are Brewton Middle School recently completed projects in honor of African-American History month.

An annual celebration of achievements by African Americans, February has been recognized as African American month by every President since 1976. Within the schools, this time is a special month for recognizing the central role of African Americans played in U.S. history.

Celebrating this heritage and learning more about the influential African American members of society, the seventh grade class at BMS recently completely history projects.

“Each student had a different person they researched,” said Mary Philyaw, seventh grade teacher at BMS.

Assigned different individuals by Philyaw, the students were tasked with learning about each person and presenting these people to the class.

“Once they start doing it, they get into it. They would come and tell me alot of things they thought were really cool about each person,” said Philyaw.

Not only did the project expand the students’ minds, it also challenged the students with public speaking. “It was a great way to work on public speaking, each student had to present the project,” added Philyaw.

Currently the projects are on display down the halls at BMS.