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Clark updates citizens

By Lisa Tindell

When a pandemic hits small towns, some services may be impacted – but not in East Brewton. Mayor Terry Clark said some things have changed, but services have not been changed.

“We have had to make some adjustments, but all of our services in the city will continue as usual,” Clark said. “Our police are on the job. Our firefighters are on the job. We are picking up garbage and trash as usual.”

With city hall closed to the public, Clark said there are still ways to conduct essential business with the city.

“We have shut city hall down for the public, but we are still working,” Clark said. “Anyone that needs to do business at city hall can do that at our drive through window. We do have workers at city hall to take care of business as normally as possible.”

Clark said that any activities that typically take place at city hall have been cancelled including court proceedings.

“Of course, our city court sessions have been cancelled for now,” Clark said. “Anything that would normally happen at city hall that would have more than 10 people has been cancelled.”

Although some municipalities have closed access to parks in the area, East Brewton parks have not been put on lock down.

“We haven’t closed our parks down,” Clark said. “But, we are asking people to stay away from the parks. We are a small town and we just don’t have the manpower that would be needed to go to each park and wipe things down regularly to avoid the virus. We are just asking people to stay at home and maybe go out in their own backyard to enjoy some outdoor time.”

One change in scheduled activities may be of some concern for the senior citizens in the area. But, Clark said, efforts are being made to take care of those most in need.

“We have had to close our senior center,” Clark said. “But we still have workers who are making sure that meals are provided to the shut-ins in our area. There are workers down there packing the boxes and making arrangements to get those meals delivered to the ones who need it the most.”

East Brewton’s Civic Center is typically a hot-spot for Friday night singings, weekend family reunions and the like, but all of those events have been called off for now.

“We have certainly closed down the use of the civic center,” Clark said. “The events there are usually for large groups and right now that is just not a wise thing – and under the advice from state officials, we have made it a point to limit that kind of gathering of people.”

Clark said he is hopeful that the pandemic will pass quickly and that the citizens of East Brewton will remain safe and free from the virus.

“We just want our people to be safe,” Clark said. “By maintaining that six-foot social distancing, we hope people will be smart and stay safe. We are hopeful that things will begin to improve soon and our people will be in good shape once this is over.”