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City Council conducts regular meeting

Practicing social distancing within the Municipal Court, the Brewton City Council held its regular meeting on Mon.

Opening the meeting, the council approved the March 23 regular meeting minutes.

With many actions under new business, the council first approved the accounts payable for March 2020. Next, the council considered a consulting agreement with a firm to aide with all COVID-19 funding. Mayor Yank Lovelace explained, “This is a service agreement with a grant consulting firm to help us in Washington as these COVID related funding becomes available with Azimuth.”

The council approved the action. Next on the agenda was the approval of a demolition service award to Martin Dozer. “This is to approve a Provalus project demolition service award to Martin Dozer Service.  As you can see their bid was substantially lower than others,” said Lovelace.

With the Provalus project still underway, Lovelace encouraged the use of local businesses. “We will continue to try to expand the number of eligible bidders. This one is a new one for us. If you know anyone in the businesses that is local, we certainly want to support them. We have a good bit of work coming up,” he said.

Following this approval, the council considered a construction service for a Pea Ridge Road water well

“This was made possible when we did our grant proposals for the Provalus job. Because we showed a need for water, that allowed us to have enough economic information that we could put in there to make that grant possible,” said Lovelace.

The service was awarded to Donald Smith Comp. Finally a paving project was presented to the council. According to Lovelace, the project will repave many areas in the city. Lovelace said that Ann Ave., part of East St. Joseph St., and the 3 parking lots—the municipal parking lot, the lot in front of Drexel and Honeybees, and the parking lot where the new coffee shop is located—will be included in the project. The service was awarded to Robbie’s Dozer.

In other new business, Brewton Fire Chief Jeff Salter addressed the council regarding an update on COVID-19. Salter was followed by Councilor Barton that gave an update about the upcoming food drive that will continue through the end of the month.