Alumni football game coming to Brewton?

Football plays a big role in the Brewton and East Brewton communities. Afterall, we have a rivalry called the Battle of Murder Creek every year—a game that pits T.R. Miller against W.S. Neal.
While the game is played every year, an organization is looking at putting on a game for past alumni to take part in and have that one last chance to show their stuff against their rival.
Alumni Football USA organizes Alumni Football games all over the nation. They have played games all over Alabama including the Mobile and Dothan areas.
These games are a great way to bring the community together and raise money for the each school that is represented.
Full Contact Alumni Football Games are wanting to come to our area. They are looking for all past High School Players 18 years and older that want to play in one more full contact football game representing their high school against your rival.
These are complete high school rules games. They organize the event, supply all equipment and uniforms.
Sign Up To Play at Or by calling: 1-866-U-Get-Hit
Game date has not been determined.
Only the first 40 guys on each roster will get to play. Don’t see your team and want to play? Call: 1-866-U-Get-Hit or (256) 565-9757 for more information.