State Senate candidate Peacock seeks to promote economic development

Published 11:05 pm Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jeff Peacock, Republican candidate for the District 22 state Senate seat, answered the following questionnaire for The Brewton Standard.
The winner of Tuesday’s primary will face Democratic incumbent Marc Keahey in the November election.

What qualifies you to serve in the state senate?
I have almost 20 years of experience starting and growing small businesses.  I also have a bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida State University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in economics and finance from the University of Chicago.  Most importantly, though, I have real ideas for addressing the challenges we face as a state and a region.

What do you believe are the biggest issues facing the state and district?
While there are many issues that are extremely important to our region, I believe the biggest challenge facing our state and our region is economic development.  I firmly believe the foundation of any successful society is a strong economy.  With a strong economy, many of society’s ills will correct themselves.  For example, as an economy strengthens, more jobs are created; as more jobs are created, wages increase; as wages increase, more money is spent at local businesses; as more money is spent, tax revenue increases; as tax revenue increases, investment in community resources (such as education and infrastructure) can be made.  This is why the primary focus of my campaign is economic development.

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How do you plan to handle those issues?
I will promote economic development by:
• supporting a tax structure and regulatory environment that encourages economic growth
• promoting legislation that supports small business development and entrepreneurship
• advancing tort reform legislation that eliminates litigation abuse and frivolous lawsuits
• advocating education reforms that serve the needs of our children – not special interest groups

Would you do anything differently in the office than you believe is done now?
I would bring a different perspective to the office than is held by the incumbent.  My entire professional and educational career has been in business, while the incumbent’s entire career has been as a trial lawyer.  When you consider the significant economic challenges facing our region, I believe we need leaders who understand economic development and entrepreneurship – not lawsuits.