Let the dominoes continue to fall

Published 8:43 am Friday, June 11, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Alabama and Auburn to join MAC football conference.

Wait! Sorry! Just kidding! I was just getting back in the mood from yesterday’s college football news of the Big 12 teams leaving.

I have mixed emotions about this. I think it can be good and can be bad at the same time.

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What is that you say? Change is good? Yeah, change is good, but what about the old saying, “if it is broke, don’t fix it.”

Lets recap what has happened so far. Colorado has left to join the Pac-1o and Nebraska has left to join the Big-10.

Texas and Texas A&M officials were meeting together yesterday to see what they were going to do and I have heard that whatever Texas does, Oklahoma will do.

Now, I read this morning, that A&M is considering the SEC.

How much better would the SEC be if the Longhorns and the Sooners come over? Pretty awesome, huh! Not to mention the money those schools have. Well, if that happens, the A&M follows, that is 15 teams right there—an uneven number.

In my opinion, that would not be right as the SEC would need one more team for an even 16.

The final team to add to the league: How about a Tech—Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech from the ACC? Either one of those teams would be good for the league.

Lets see what happens in the next couple of days. After yesterday, we are bound to see some exciting things happen that will change college football forever.

In other college football news, the USC Trojans received their news from the NCAA yesterday.

As an Alabama fan, it is good to see someone other than us to get in trouble. Hey, even though my team was in trouble a couple of years ago, my philosophy is if you do the crime, you do the time.

But while this has happened, USC has to give up two things. They have to vacate their National Championship from that year and Reggie Bush has to give up his heisman.

The talk is there will not be a BCS champion or heisman winner from that year.

Now do you know why Pete Carroll left? I don’t know if that is why he left or not, but just watching all this unfold yesterday, the talking heads said he was either running to something with Seattle or running from something?

Can you figure which one it was?

I think Carroll is a great coach. The only thing I am liking about this is because every time a new season came around, everyone thought the Trojans were going to win it all. Even with four or five losses, I bet they would still be in the top-25.

Well, that is enough of the old soapbox this morning.

I hope you all have had a great week and today will be a great Friday for you as well as you having a great weekend.

Until we meet again here or out in the world of sports, God bless.

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