Habitat blesses latest home

Published 10:51 pm Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, Alecia Glaize, executive director for the Escambia County Habitat for Humanity, welcomed those on hand at the latest home dedication ceremony prior to introducing the proud new homeowners, but she was not wearing her usual attire for the occasion.

“I don’t usually wear a T-shirt for our dedication ceremonies, but I decided yesterday to wear this T-shirt because the slogan, ‘Stepping Out on Faith,’ and the map of the whole county represents so much of what this build is all about,” she said. “This is the first Habitat build that we’ve done outside of the Brewton area, the first one since we expanded. ‘Stepping Out on Faith’ certainly represents what this build was all about. It was a step of faith to expand to serve the whole county; it was a step of faith to build out here, so far away from our headquarters; to build a different kind of house and to build with different volunteers. It’s been a leap of faith, but we have been rewarded in so many ways.”

Jennifer Dorriety and her daughter, Kaylee, who put in countless hours of sweat equity required by Habitat, are the newest home recipients after Habitat officials handed over the keys to their brand new home on Johnson Road during the ceremony.

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“First off, I thank God for letting this happen,” Dorriety said as she fought back tears. “I thank all of you for being here and I also want to thank all of the sponsors. For this to even start is just amazing. You just would not believe what it has done for Kaylee’s life and mine. Rusty (Miller), I thank you; you have done an amazing job. I saw the house on paper and to actually see it everyday get better and better, and to see it today, I am on cloud nine; you just wouldn’t believe it. I’m ecstatic.”