First WSN Blueberry Chase 5K a success

Published 10:09 am Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The first Blueberry Chase 5K on Saturday raised more than $1,700 for the W.S. Neal High School track — but that is still a long way to go to make the money for needed repairs.

Race organizer Rebecca Jordan, who is coach of the track team, said she was pleased with the number of people who ran but hopes to raise more money in the future.

“I was impressed with the turnout,” she said. “It was fun and people enjoyed it, but it was not a huge moneymaker.”

Jordan said she hopes more businesses will take part as sponsors if the race is held again.

Matthew Dobson took first place with a time of 17:05, while Debra McKenzie was the first female finisher with 22:54.

Masters winners were Robert Staples, 18:50, and Carol Crawford, 31:26.

Grandmasters winners were Roger Dobson, 24:19, and Linda Langham, 37:56.

In other categories, winners included:

Under 13 boys: Micah Kemp, 18:28; Brent Youngblood, 24:58; and David Dobson, 27:03

Under 13 girls: Breann Huff, 32:39; Hannah Blair, 32:49; and Mary Allison Peace, 45:35.

13-19 male, Colin Bowyer, 18:44; Tanner Furr, 19:41; and Geoffrey Youngblood, 21:02.

13-19 female: Amber Terry, 29:33; and Abbie Carlson, 29:34

20-29 male: Nathan O’Donnell, 19:04; and Keith Bell, 19:43

20-29 female: Virginia Dougherty, 28:09; Bethany O’Donnell, 30:37; and Jessica Pouncey, 37:01

30-39 male: Bob Walker, 22:13; Bentley Wiggins, 24:28; and David Barnhill, 24:40.

30-39 female: Ashley Feeley, 23:26; Katie Hopper, 27:37; and Stephanie Dolihite, 34:58

40-49 male: Douglas Darby, 25:25; Jeff Youngblood, 26:27; and Phil Wiggins, 33:39

40-49 female: Alecia Glaize, 34:35; Gail Peace, 43:15; and Stephanie Bain, 47:22

50-59 male: Steve Miller, 26:31; David Rush, 30:30; and Gene Pope, 34:35.

50-59 female: Sheila Fountain, 48:46

60 and up male: Ron Mitchell, 25; Tommy Payne, 29:19; and Hugh Long, 29:31.