Davidson selling Mojo energy bracelets

Published 4:00 am Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Former T.R. Miller Tiger and Alabama Crimson Tide football player Trent Davidson is a man on a mission these days.

Davidson, who recently graduated from Alabama with a degree in business, has gone straight to work—literally. Davidson does a weekly sports talk call-in radio show in Tuscaloosa and works with a finance company and is selling Mojo energy bracelets on the side.

“I was first introduced to a company called “8ight” over a year ago,” Davidson said.  “The company “8ight” is a company that produces holographic chips with a laser inscribed frequency inside the chip.  I was a huge skeptic at first because this was a company that said they could help with sleep, weight loss, energy, balance, strength, flexibility and many other things that benefit athletes and non-athletes as well, through a simple chip.

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“I had seen many necklaces and wristbands that claimed the same things but did not deliver.”

Davidson said his skepticism went away quickly just through about five minutes of demonstrations and simple tests to show his strength, flexibility and balance with and without the chip.

“Also “8ight” has allowed major universities to conduct research on our products,” Davidson said. “It was and still is mind blowing and amazing with the results that we have seen and the lives that have been changed through our products.”

Davidson said the company has most recently come out with a performance wristband, through MOJO Futuretech, that has either one or two of these chips in the wristband.

These wristbands are waterproof, reversible and good as long as you don’t break the band or tear up the chips.

“We’ve had reports from people with hypertension that our product helps lower their blood pressure,” Davidson said. “Also there are reports of the bracelets reducing, if not completely doing away with, seasickness.  Our performance wristbands have been spreading through professional sports, as well as on a collegiate level, with colleges such as Florida State, SMU, and Texas just to name a few.

“Also several athletes from the SEC have utilized the product.  The products have shown great success with both women and men.”

Since this product releases no chemicals, drugs or toxins into the body they have been great with younger age athletes male and female, Davidson said.

“The Wristbands have been a great success with female softball players, cheerleaders, and female athletes in general,” he said. “Also they have been beneficial to youth boys whether it be pre-teen athletes, or varsity sports.

“As of right now we have our product in over 100 schools in Alabama, and we are spreading through the southeast at a very fast rate.”

Davidson said the Relief product is wonderful for muscle strains and pains, sport workout aches, joint and menstrual pain, headaches, tendonitis, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

While it is not recommended people sleep with the bracelets on to let their body rest, the company also has products that help with sleep.

“Our Sleep product works to put the individual in a deep relaxing sleep, optimize blood circulation, there are no drugs or side effects, and this product is very safe and is non-addicting,” Davidson said. “It also allows you to wake up refreshed and energized. Our Slim product helps decrease appetite, optimize energy and circulation, optimize metabolism, there are no laxatives, additives, or diet pills involved.

“A very simple, safe and healthy product.”

Davidson also said that their Protect product guards against Electro-pollution, which is being called “the greatest health risk of the 21st century”.

“Medical experts believe the stress caused by our wireless life—cell phones, iPods, PDA’s, Bluetooth, Computers etc. has the potential to negatively impact every aspect of our life at the molecular, cellular, biochemical, and physiological levels,” he said. “Our Protect hologram protects against the Electro-pollution.”

For more questions, or interest in the products, Davidson can be reached at 251-236-1739, or can be emailed at trentdavidson80@gmail.com

“If people are interested, they can call me and mention they saw this article and they’ll get the bracelet for $30 like local Brewton athletes have been able to,” Davidson said. “Normally, the bracelets are $40 plus shipping and handling online. They come ready to wear.

“I don’t leave home without my Mojo Performance Wristband on, and usually I have two of them on.”

Mojofuturetech.com Brewton resident Trent Davidson is selling Mojo energy braceletes. Most recently the company has come out with a performance wristband, through MOJO Futuretech, that has either one or two of the chips in the wristband. These wristbands are waterproof, reversible and good as long as you don’t break the band or tear up the chips.

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