Firefighters train in empty house

Published 4:00 pm Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Members of a volunteer firefighting class had a hot night Tuesday as they trained during a controlled burn off Pea Ridge Road.

The group — made up of local firefighter candidates and a group from Lillian — practiced putting out small fires before the entire structure, an abandoned house, went up in flames.

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Brewton Fire Department Capt. Jeff Salter, the class instructor, said members have been meeting since March and will graduate in September.

“All of them are volunteers,” Salter said. “They don’t get paid a dime. That says something about the kind of people they are.”

Salter said many of the students do not know much about fire or how to fight it before the class, which teaches them the basics and gives them first responder training and other essential lessons.

Graduates of the class are certified volunteer firefighters.