Wilson deserves second chance

Published 8:35 am Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I have just finished reading the article regarding Daniel Wilson. I am appalled by the statement of our district attorney Steve Billy. This is the facts that I know. Daniel Wilson was arrested, charged, admitted guilt for selling marijuana to an undercover officer. What he did not do and did not plead guilty to was selling or distributing to students, teenagers, children, minors, however you want to word it. Nor was he charged with any of those. I was in court the day of Daniel Wilson’s sentencing. Not one single word was mentioned about selling drugs to students. Yet, our DA, Mr. Billy, continues to accuse him of it. As a matter of fact, I believe if he will do this to someone who is not charged with this and not convicted of this, and states that he is not guilty of this, Mr. Billy will do it to you, the teacher, the teenager, the father, the mother, the minister, the average (especially) citizen of Escambia County. He mentions a three-month investigation leading to his arrest, yet there is no record of who he sold to during these three months, or who else was involved.
I serve a God of “second chances.” Is what Daniel Wilson did wrong? Absolutely! Has he learned his lesson? That’s something he will have to answer and prove to the ones he loves, the people of the community, and the Probation Office. Does he deserve a “second chance”? Ask yourself this: “If this was my child, husband, father, friend, etc. would I want him to have a second chance knowing what I have just stated?”
I think it’s time we hold our elected officials accountable, just as those that break the laws. If you are going to continue to accuse someone of something that they deny, haven’t been arrested or charged for, and not found guilty of, then what else will they do? I plan to write my senator, Congressman, and governor regarding this matter. Am I doing for Daniel Wilson? Not really. I’m doing for me, for blind justice, for all those that are innocent until proven guilty. I voted for you and supported you Mr. Billy. I won’t make that mistake again.
Susan Smith
Atmore resident
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