Courthouse group still looking for soldiers

Published 3:44 pm Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Although many of the military troops serving abroad have come home, there are still thousands of military men and women who are farm from their families. A group of employees at the Escambia County Courthouse is continuing their efforts encouraging people to adopt a soldier.

Carla Redfearn, spokesperson for the group, said the project they began in 2008 has continued to grow.

“We are happy this project has grown and that we can continue to help our military personnel,” Redfearn said. “We want to help our military people while they are so far from home. With military care packages we can send

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them something to let them know people still care.”

Redfearn said there are 20 boxes ready and waiting for names and addresses of military personnel.

“We have about 20 boxes right now just waiting to be sent to somebody,” Redfearn said. “We have boxes ready for men and women and we are asking for people to contact us with names and addresses of soldiers who could use the packages.”

The care packages, donated by area groups and organizations, are filled with personal care items as well as some extra goodies, Redfearn said.

“These boxes have things some soldiers might find useful or give them a taste of home,” Redfearn said. “They contain items like hard candies, cotton swabs, nail clippers and other personal care items.”

The boxes may go to soldiers who have been included in similar mailings of the group, she said.

“We don’t care if a soldier has gotten one of these boxes from us before,” Redfearn said. “Even if there is something in there that they can’t use they could share it with others in their unit. No matter where it goes a soldier can benefit from it. We just need to get it in the hands of someone over there to get it out to our soldiers.”

Redfearn said although the items in the boxes are donated, it still takes a little money to make the delivery of the packages possible.

“We have been blessed to have so many things donated for the boxes,” Redfearn said. “Even though the boxes are filled and ready to go we still need some help with the cost of postage to get the packages sent.”

Redfearn said the cost to mail a typical box of supplies is $12.95.

“Anyone who would like to help out by volunteering to cover the cost off mailing a package would be great,” Redfearn said. “Even if they could only cover a portion of the cost it would certainly be a help.”

For anyone interested in submitting a name and address of a soldier or to help with shipping costs, contact Redfearn at 867- 9168 or drop by her office downstairs in Room 115 at the Escambia County Courthouse on Belleville Avenue.