Garden a healthy step for all

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday morning’s sunny skies matched the mood at Fort Crawford Park, where volunteers began the work of planting a community garden that organizers hope will foster healthier living.

The garden is just one of the first steps in an initiative aimed not only at fighting childhood obesity but at making all of us more aware of healthy habits.

Young and old alike crouched side by side to help plant the garden, tucking seeds and plants into the dirt that will grow into vegetables for the community.

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What a wonderful outward sign not only of community cooperation but also of healthy living.

The healthy kids initiative — spearheaded by Raulerson and supported by the Coalition for a Healthier Escambia County — envisions a community that one day will be more active and healthier. With projects like the community gardens, walking trails and other activities and the possibility of a community center in the old Brewton Middle School, this group has taken an idea and has a plan to turn it, step by step, into reality.

We applaud their volunteer efforts and encourage everyone in our community to get on the bandwagon. It takes small steps — walking around the block, eating more vegetables, skipping dessert — to become more healthy.

But it is even more fun when those healthy steps are taken as a group — whether in your family or with volunteers like those who helped plant the community garden.

That healthier community can soon be more than just a vision.