County passes budget

Published 3:49 pm Monday, September 27, 2010

In a stressed economy it’s tough to make budgets workable, but the Escambia County Commission passed a balanced budget during Monday’s meeting of the group.

Commissioners bestowed praise upon County Administrator Tony Sanks for the work it took to get the budget for 2010-2011 a balanced one.

“I just want to thank Tony for balancing this budget,” Commissioner Wiley Tait said. “I know he had to stretch the rubber band to make it work.”

The general fund budget cam in at just over $7 million with other funds topping the $14 million mark.

Commissioner Larry White said being in a position to see a balanced budget is something for which he is thankful.

“I am thankful that we are in a position to have a balanced budget this year,” White said. “We have had some shortfalls in some areas. Being able to balance the budget in spite of that is good for everyone.”

Although some neighboring counties have been seeing deeper cuts, Commissioner Brandon Smith offered another point of thanks.

“We are lucky to not have any layoffs this year,” Smith said. “A lot of other counties are having to lay people off. We are blessed that we don’t have to do that.”