County gets funds for van

Published 4:00 am Wednesday, October 13, 2010

County Administrator Tony Sanks reported a donation made to the Escambia County Commission has been earmarked to help transportation for the Agency on Agency.

“We received an $8,000 check from a donor to be used to help pay for a van for the Agency on Aging,” Sanks told commissioners Monday. “The donor would rather not be recognized for the contribution.”

Commission Chairman David Stokes said an additional contribution may be coming.

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“We are looking for one more,” Stokes said. “It’s coming we just have to be patient. The additional donation could bring us to about $15,000 to purchase the van. Those folks are riding in a ragged out vehicle and we want to provide something nicer for them to use.”

The purchase of the van will be made after donations to cover the costs are received.

Sanks also reported a drop in the percent of workman’s compensation reports made by the county for the most recent reporting period.

“We received a report from the state on our workman’s comp loss runs,” Sanks said. “We are at 2.81 percent in our losses. That is outstanding. I can’t remember ever having this low a report since I’ve been here.”

Sanks said the percentage of workman’s comp losses reported by the county has been improving during recent months.

“We have been steadily improving our percentages over the past few months,” Sanks said. “This is a wonderful report. I don’t know where we stand in reference to other counties in the state, but this is a great percentage for our county.”

County Commissioner Larry White said the low rate of losses helps provide bonuses for the county coffers.

“We are one of a small percentage of counties who receive bonus money because of low losses,” White said. “I have to hand it to our people for their hard work in keeping those numbers low. We have a great safety program and our Sheriff’s Department and Road Department pay attention to safety issues. I’m really proud of our position in the state.”

In other business the county agreed on contract services with the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission and amended the substance abuse policy for the Council on Aging.