AT&T taking steps to address signal issues

Published 4:15 pm Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mobile subscribes to AT&T services may have experienced an unusual amount of dropped calls and periods when no mobile signal was available.

Mike Barger, with AT&T Corporate Communications, the carrier has been aware of the situation and has taken steps to address the issues.

“We are aware that there have been some of our customers who may have experienced some dropped calls recently,” Barger said. “We have looked at the issues and are in the process of taking care of the problems.”

Barger said environmental conditions sometimes have an effect on signal available and strength. Those issues, along with others, have been found to be a problem in recent weeks.

“There have been some software issues that are impacting service in the area recently,” Barger said. ‘We apologize for those issues and are in the process of correcting that this week.”

Barger said AT&T subscribers should see an improved availability of signal and a dramatic decrease in the number of dropped calls on the system.

“We work to correct any issues that have an impact on customers in our service area,” Barger said. “We hope to have the issues corrected by the weekend.”

For questions or concerns about AT&T mobile service, contact any staff member at the Brewton AT&T retail location on Douglas Avenue.