East Brewton police cracking down

Published 9:16 pm Tuesday, November 9, 2010

East Brewton law enforcement officials are sending out a clear message: “If you drive in East Brewton, you better behave.”

Police Chief Kenny Brazil said he has instructed officers for the city to pay special attention to those drivers in the area who may be doing so illegally or causing traffic problems in the city.

“We are cracking down on drivers in our city to make sure our streets and neighborhoods are safe,” Brazil said. “We are working to insure that everyone in our city is safe whether it’s on the street or in our neighborhoods.”

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Brazil said the past weekends citations are proof that East Brewton Patrol officers are taking their task seriously.

“We had some 30 citations issued in a 48-hour period for a variety of traffic violations,” Brazil said. “It’s something we’re watching and something we are going to continue to do.”

Brazil said citations issued from 8 p.m. Friday to 8 p.m. Sunday included four for driving under the influence; three for open container; six for driving while license suspended/revoked; eight for speeding; four for minors consuming alcohol; one for public lewdness; three for driving with no insurance; and two for improper lane usage.

“The four minors charged for consuming alcohol will be facing misdemeanor charges,” Brazil said. “We caught them outside their car, otherwise it would have been a DUI.”

Officers will continue to monitor traffic in East Brewton and, Brazil said, will pull over drivers who don’t obey the law.

“Our officers are on patrol throughout the city,” Brazil said. “We are also working on increasing our patrols. It is our main goal to do what is necessary to keep our streets safe for those drivers who do follow the law.”

Brazil said officers are also checking for proper credentials to make sure drivers are doing so legally.

“If a driver is pulled over, officers will be checking to make sure their drivers license is in order,” Brazil said. “We’ll be checking to make sure they are fully abiding by the law. If not, a citation will be issued.”

City officials just last month approved an increase in fees charged for court costs involving traffic citations in the city.

Those who appear in court on traffic violations will now face total fees for court costs of $147. Those who appear in court on misdemeanor charges will face total fees for court costs of $225.