Watsons welcome full house

Published 1:37 am Saturday, November 27, 2010

There is never a dull moment in the lives of Larry and Teresa Watson. Not only are they foster parents, but they have chosen to adopt four of the children they fostered.

November is National Adoption Month, and the Watson family has certainly taken it to heart. They have adopted Megan, 13, Isaac, 12, Gabbi, 3 and Austin, 2, since they began fostering children 15 years ago.

The Watsons knew that their home was just too empty after the death of their daughter, who died in an accident at the age of 17, and the death of a baby shortly after birth.

“While our daughter was alive, we got used to having people around all the time,” said Teresa Watson. “We thought we had the room to take some foster children into our lives. We have fostered on and off for the past 15 years. Fostering children is something that is in your heart and we felt like God was telling us to do what we could.

“We never planned on adoption, but with the grace of God, we have been led to this point in our lives. Sometimes you don’t know how much of an impact you have on someone. We get a chance to help make an impact on their lives by teaching them the right morals and other life lessons. We haven’t adopted all the children we have fostered. I think God has led us to the children we have adopted. He knows how to mesh them with the right people.”

Recently Teresa Watson has had to shoulder much of the load, at the time when her husband had a stroke. In addition to looking after the children, she has had to help her husband to regain his strength.

“My wife is a rock,” said Larry Watson. “She has had to do everything and do it well. We depend on her now and she takes on a lot. Megan is a help to her, too.”

Teresa said it has been hard at times, but she is doing what is necessary and doesn’t think it’s too much.

“It’s hard at times because the children are very involved in school in the band and at church at First Assembly of God Church of East Brewton.

‘We have developed a good relationship with (the Department of Human Resources),” Teresa said. “Fostering and adoption have both been a positive experience for us. I would recommend it to anyone who has thought about going through either the foster parenting or adoption.

“The most important thing is for others to realized how important all of our children are in general. It’s important to have the training they need later on in life. They are no different than other children. They need to be taught the morals and values for later in life.”

The Watsons have always been open with their children about the fact they are adopted.

“We didn’t know in the beginning this was going to be what would happen,” Teresa said. “It was just meant to be. People who have their own natural children don’t have the choice of children, and God has allowed us to be able to choose these beautiful children.”

The Watsons said they would recommend adoption to anyone. Although its a process, they say it is well worth it.