Spend Christmas in Mayberry

Published 2:19 am Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For the third consecutive year a cast of actors from First Assembly of God Church of East Brewton will take the stage for a Christmas presentation as their gift to the community.

Pastor Jeffrey Scurlock said the presentation is one the entire congregation looks forward to each year.

“It’s an exciting event for us to be able to produce this program,” Scurlock said. “The message of the holiday is one we want to get out to everyone who’ll take the time to attend.”

“Christmas in Mayberry” will be presented in two performances open to the public free of charge, Scurlock said.

“We don’t charge anything to come and see the show,” Scurlock said. “We want this to be a family affair that everyone can attend.”

The show will be presented Friday, Dec. 10 and Saturday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. each night at the W.S. Neal High School auditorium in East Brewton.

“We hold the presentations at the (W.S. Neal) high school so that we have plenty of seating for the community,” Scurlock said. “They have a nice stage there and it makes it easier for the cast and crew.”

The production has involved many of the church members at First Assembly and several weeks of rehearsals, Scurlock said.

“We have about 45 people involved in this production,” Scurlock said. “With actors, singers and a choir it takes a lot of people to put on this show and it takes a good bit of time for rehearsals to get everything right. We have a lot of people working behind the scenes as well with sound, music, lighting and general assistance with costumes. It’s a labor of love for everyone. We are just happy to be able to do this every year.”

Scurlock said the dedication of the show’s directors is admirable and has been the push behind the show.

“We have Chris and Alicia Summerlin doing the directing for the show,” Scurlock said. “Chris is our youth minister and Alicia is our music minister at the church. They have both been working so hard to make this a great show. I think it will be evident how hard they have worked when the curtain goes up.”

Although the show is produced with acting and singing by non-professionals in the world of show business, the show is anything but amateur.

“This is a top-notch production,” Scurlock said. “I’ve just been blown away by the level of ability for those involved in this production. This is a great show with great actors and singers. It’s something everyone should take the time to see.”

The production has something for everyone in the family, Scurlock said. With recognizable characters from “The Andy Griffith Show,” this production is one of high intensity on many levels.

“This show has a little bit of everything going on,” Scurlock said. “With some comedy, some singing and some serious moments it’s something the whole family can see and enjoy.”

The show includes all of the expected characters for the performance, Scurlock said.

“Of course we have Andy, Barney and Goober,” Scurlock said. “We’ve also got the Darlings, Ernest T. Bass, Gomer, Otis and all the others everyone would expect to see. It’s going to be a great performance with the actors, singers and everyone involved in the show putting their heart into this production.”

The cast for this year’s presentation of “Christmas in Mayberry” includes Nathan Lindsey as Andy Taylor; James Merchant as Barney Fife; Mike Parker as Sam Weaver; Issac Watson as Opie Taylor; Felicia Scurlock as Aunt Bee; Marty Loyed as Briscoe Darling; Michelle Green as Charlene Darling; Ty Green, Tyler Sawyer, Lawton Shipp and Robin Swift as the Darling Brothers; Tyler Guest as Ernest T. Bass; Adam Scurlock as Gomer Pyle; Andrew Sawyer as Goober Pyle; Austin Trippe as Otis Campbell. Sound is managed by Adam Rigby with curtains and props managed by Cody Laymon and Tyler Guest. Lighting crew members are Melanie Hines, Courtney Ragan, Johnathan Hall, Gary Likely and Andrew Sawyer. Stagehands are April Rigby, Raley Boggs, Jade Danley and Pam Driskell.