Milestone reached by HFH International

Published 4:00 am Thursday, December 23, 2010

Habitat for Humanity surpassed its 400,000 house milestone during the most recent fiscal year. Since the nonprofit organization was founded in 1976, its self-help, hands-up model has resulted in rehabbed, repaired or new housing for more than 2 million people worldwide.

Escambia County Habitat for Humanity (ECHFH) is part of the global effort. Since 1996, ECHFH has built and rehabbed 17 houses.

Alecia Glaize, executive director of ECHFH, said helping Habitat’s worldwide efforts in Escambia County is helping to make a better world.

“Escambia County Habitat for Humanity is continuing its efforts to help families in need of decent, affordable housing. We are happy to have helped Habitat for Humanity reach the important milestone in bettering communities across the country,” said Alecia Glaize, Executive Director. “With continued support of our sponsors and volunteers, we’ll address affordable housing needs in Escambia County, Alabama.”

In fiscal year 2010, Habitat for Humanity served a record 74,960 families worldwide through a combination of new construction, rehabilitation, and repairs. Habitat also helped an additional 6,355 families establish legal rights to a house or land and provided more than 46,964 individuals with technical assistance ranging from legal help to construction advice or training.”

“We are pleased that even in this difficult economy, Habitat for Humanity has been able to help a record number of families around the world have a better place to live,” said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International. “Our affiliates are the backbone of Habitat’s efforts. Their hard work and dedication have made this milestone possible. We are grateful for the work of Escambia County Habitat for Humanity.”

Habitat for Humanity celebrated its 300,000th home in 2008, its 200,000th home in 2005 and the 100,000th home in 2000.

By 2013, Habitat for Humanity hopes to assist 100,000 families worldwide annually with new or improved housing.

A copy of Habitat for Humanity International’s fiscal year 2010 annual report, “What We Build”, is now available online at