Local sales strong during holidays

Published 1:33 am Wednesday, December 29, 2010

With the Christmas shopping season a fresh memory and the beginnings of year end clearance sales around town, Brewton area businesses have agreed sales were good for the 2010 holiday period.

Melanie McGougin, owner and operator of Jus Do, said she believes sales increased for Christmas gifts, but brisk sales following the holiday have limited her ability to see by just how much.

“We stepped directly from pre-Christmas to after-Christmas and haven’t had the time to really process what has happened this season,” McGougin said. “I know we have been very busy. There has been a continuous flow of customers in and out of the store. I believe when we finally get around to comparing, we will find that it has been better than last year.”

Sheri Davenport, owner of Bonehead Boots, said business for the holidays may have been better, but some shoppers may still be struggling through the downturn in the economy and in the job market.

“I know that there are those who are still suffering,” Davenport said.

“Those who have lost their jobs and not been able to find new ones are still feeling the recession, but for the most part I think things are better.

Davenport said the shopping season was a good one for the business with some overtime necessary to accommodate last-minute shoppers.

“We stayed pretty busy over the whole season,” Davenport said. “In fact, we stayed overtime to 6 p.m. on Friday. Our sales are up from last year, but we have increased the inventory too, so that makes a difference.”

Even with a struggling economy, most business owners believe there was a noticeable increase in sales for the season. Sammie Weaver at Weaver’s on the Boardwalk downtown said December was a good month for the business.

“We had a real good December,” Weaver said. “I am encouraged that things may be looking up. The economy is making a turn-around. At least that is certainly what we hope.”

Area merchants continue after-Christmas sales this week with some continuing with additional end-of-year sales through January.