How about an Escambia County Tournament for softball?

Published 2:09 pm Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello Brewton area sports fans. It has been a long time since we have blogged together so since I had so free time this Thursday, I figured I would write the first blog of 2011.
The other day, when I was looking at 2010 records, I pulled out my records I have kept of the past Escambia County Tournament games.
Here in Escambia County, we have four public schools—W.S. Neal, T.R. Miller, Flomaton, and Escambia County of Atmore.
During their particular sport’s season, these teams play a tournament against each other.
Tournaments are played in volleyball, boys and girls basketball and baseball with each school hosting the tournament every four years.
While looking at the records, I noticed that of the sports that could host a tournament, all have one except softball.
The thing is, all teams play each other at one point or another during the season, but they never have started an official Escambia County Tournament where all would play each other in a tournament format like the other sports do.
In volleyball, the tournament is played all in one day with this past year Flomaton holding the tournament. Flomaton set their tournament up this year in their gym in a way that two games could be held at one time. So instead of the traditional six games, it was basically like three games.
Basketball, since boys and girls teams are involved, divides their tournament over three days with four games each night.
Baseball has their games divided over three nights as well with two games each day. Softball could be done the same way.
In the case of the tournament being played at T.R. Miller’s home field at the Brewton YMCA Sportspark, the games could be played with two going on at the same time similar to Flomaton’s volleyball tournament, with the extra softball field at the park.
Those games could be played in one day or two days with each team playing a doubleheader on one day and one game the next.
However you want to play the game, I think softball needs to start a tournament like the other sports.
Talking with T.R. Miller softball coach Greg White and W.S. Neal softball coach Jeff Haney, the two said they would be in favor of a tournament.
Both White and Haney said they have tried to get a tournament started in the past.
The problem was coming together on dates.
While both said they would be in favor of a tournament and have suggested it in the past with no luck, they both said they have just given up mentioning it
Come on Escambia County softball coaches. Let’s get together on the dates and start a tournament like the other sports and not be the lone sport without one.
While it might be too late to get one going this year due to schedules being already made with the season to start soon, lets go ahead and plan one for 2012.
Until we meet again here or out in the world of sports, God bless.

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