Peebles switching to Goody’s

Published 2:33 pm Monday, February 7, 2011

A name change and a slight shift in merchandise will be seen next month, as Peebles Brewton location becomes Goody’s.

Bob Aronson, vice president of investor relations for Stage Stores, said the changes expected mid-March would produce the same quality and value seen at Peebles.

“The name change is something we made a decision on based on the recognition of the name throughout the Southeast,” Aronson said. “The merchandise offered at Goody’s will be equal in quality and value as seen at Peebles.”

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Aronson said signage changes will be seen beginning mid-March with merchandise shuffling also in place during that time.

“We will still offer the same name brands as has been offered at Peebles,” Aronson said. “There may be some changes in merchandise in regard to specific departments.”

Aronson said Goody’s will offer merchandise tailored to the trends and needs of the community.

“There may be an increase in the denim lines at the Brewton store,” Aronson said. “There may be some changes to increase selection in the junior and young men’s departments as well. Some selections will be more intensive in different departments based on the needs of the community. We tailor the assortment of merchandise available to best suit the needs of the community we serve.”

Aronson said no change is expected in management or staff at the Brewton store.

“No change in personnel is planned,” Aronson said. “The same employees will be providing customer service and operate the store during the same hours as currently being seen at the store.”

Aronson said the changes won’t bring about any decrease in the quality merchandise typically offered by State Stores establishments.

“We will continue to offer a good value on the merchandise available,” Aronson said. “Customers can continue to expect good sales and good promotions on items at the store.”

The Brewton location of Peebles, soon to be Goody’s, is located in the Douglas Square Shopping Center on Douglas Avenue.

Stage Stores purchased the rights to the Goody’s name in 2009 as part of the Goody’s bankruptcy auction. The company began using the Goody’s name in select markets where the name was already a recognized entity.

Other names currently being used as part of the Stage Stores company include Stage, Peebles, Beall’s and Palais Royal. The company owns more than 780 locations in 39 states with approximately 13,000 employees.

The company also anticipates opening 35-40 new stores in the coming year. The company has corporate offices in Houston, Texas., and South Hill, Va.