Brewton man charged in credit card theft

Published 2:20 am Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Brewton man was arrested Saturday and charged with illegal use and possession of a credit card after police tied him to surveillance video.

On Feb. 2, officers received a report of illegal use of a stolen credit card, which had been used in various locations in the Brewton area.

“The victim had reported their credit card stolen and advised that one of the places it was used was at Walmart in Brewton,” said Sgt. Steven Ferguson. “After looking into the matter, officers were able to obtain surveillance video of the stolen credit card being used.”

The video showed a white male and white female, he said.

Officers identified the man as Greg Hunter Crutchfield, who was arrested Saturday and charged with illegal possession and use of a credit card.

“It is believed that the white female in the video was not involved in the crime and had no knowledge that the card used was stolen,” Ferguson said.