Appliance rebates still available

Published 4:37 pm Monday, March 7, 2011

A state program launched last year to give rebates for energy efficient appliances still has money available.

Residents who bought an Energy Star-labeled appliance may be eligible for a $25 to $150 rebate.

About $150,000 in rebates remain available for residents through the Alabama Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate program. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs launched the program in 2010 with funds from the U.S. Department of Energy to encourage residents to replace old inefficient appliances that are costly to operate with new energy-efficient models. So far, ADECA has provided 33,975 rebates to Alabama residents totaling more than $3.7 million.

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According to ADECA Director Jim Byard, the limited amount still available is because some residents reserved a rebate but did not purchase an appliance or did not mail in the required documentation.

“The rebate has been popular with consumers looking for a bargain,” Byard said, “but the program has many other benefits:  Alabama merchants get increased sales, consumers get lower utility bills, demand for imported oil is reduced and a bit less pollution is created.”

Rebates are available for five appliance types: room air conditioners, $25; freezers, $50; dishwashers, $75; clothes washers, $100; and standard-size refrigerators, $150. To be eligible, appliances must have an Energy Star label and be purchased from a retail store on or after April 19, 2010.

State residents can reserve a rebate by visiting or calling toll-free (877) 856-6645. Consumers who apply for rebates will have 15 days to mail the application form and purchase validation.

The program is open to Alabamians age 18 and older and is limited to one rebate per appliance type and no more than two rebates per household. Approved applicants will receive a Visa Prepaid Card by mail. The cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

To check the current fund balance, go to