Burglary evidence to be presented to Grand Jury

Published 8:24 am Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The good eye of East Brewton Police officer, Chris Neal, has gone a long way toward an arrest of three suspects involved in the recent burglary case at Riverview Quick Stop.
According to Escambia County Sheriff’s Department Investigator, Adam Johnson, Officer Neal saw surveillance photos of the break-in at Riverview, and recognized one of the suspects.
“I want to give Officer Neal the credit for his work on this case,” said Johnson. “We had the surveillance tapes from the break-in, but were unable to identify the suspects. Then the photos were published in The Brewton Sandard, and Officer Neal identified one of the suspects as a resident of East Brewton. He went to the suspects residence and interviewed him about the break-in. The suspect confessed to his part in the burglary, and also identified two other individuals who were involved. Officer Neal’s sharp eye has helped to solve this case for us. The suspects’ involvement in the case will be presented to the next Escambia County grand jury. This shows the partnership we have with other local law enforcement agencies. We appreciate very much Officer Neal’s help in this case.”
Escambia County Chief Deputy Mike Lambert said he was not involved in the case, but his understanding is that the three individuals are also suspects in the theft of a Mobile Register newspaper rack taken from Maxwell’s Store at the intersection of U.S. 29 and CR 4.