Fort Crawford work day set for Saturday

Published 2:18 pm Wednesday, April 13, 2011

With a workday planned for Saturday, members of the East Brewton Beautification organization are continuing to bring life back to Fort Crawford Park.

Duane Carroll, an organizer for the group, said there is plenty of work yet to be done at the park and community gardens.

“We have already accomplished a lot at the park,” Carroll said. “We still have a lot that we want to do. This work day will be spent doing some more cleaning and weeding through the area as well as preparing the Community Garden for more planting.”

Carroll said one of the projects planned for the day includes fence building near the garden portion of the park property.

“We are looking for some good carpenters that can help with the fence building,” Carroll said. “We want to put up a fence around the garden to help the crops stay safe.”

Carroll said some planting has already taken place in the garden with more planting planned as the season progresses.

Work in the park has revitalized the area for those who utilize the park for more than accessing the community gardens, Carroll said.

“We can see that people are using the park more and more, especially with the change in weather,” Carroll said. “We want to continuing working in the park to make it an enjoyable place for everyone.”

Over the past several months, volunteers and members of the East Brewton Beautification group have upgraded the pavilion area complete with picnic tables. The tables bear art done by students at W.S. Neal Elementary School with additional painting and railing work by volunteers.

Walkways to access the area have also been upgraded, Carroll said.

“We have put in some additional sidewalks to make access to the pavilion and gardens easier for everyone,” Carroll said. “Now, with the new sidewalk, the garden and pavilion is completely wheelchair accessible.”

Carroll said heavy rains had left the pavilion area virtually unusable since the grading at the site did not allow for the proper drainage of water. However, he said, that has been corrected.

“The pavilion used to practically flood if we had a heavy rain,” Carroll said. “We have fixed that by adding a water barrier that keeps the water from flowing through the pavilion area. Now people can comfortably use the pavilion even if it rains.”

The workday is planned to begin at 8:30 a.m. Saturday with no specific end time established.

“We need all the help we can get,” Carroll said. “We’ll be there until we’re too worn out to work.”

For more information about the East Brewton Beautification organization, contact Carroll or East Brewton City Hall at 867-6092.