Salon expands in new location

Published 2:00 am Saturday, April 23, 2011

Xanadu Beauty Salon has expanded to a new location — which is quite close to home for new owner John Brock McCreary and his wife, Annette.
The McCrearys have recently built a new shop at their home at 368 Tippens Eddy Road.
“We didn’t have enough space where we were,” said Annette McCreary. “This is just so much better out here at the house. It’s quiet and now we have so much more room for more things, and our clients seem to like it much better.”
According to McCreary, before the move, there was no space for tanning beds, but now Xanadu has a regular bed and a Mega bed. With the regular bed, the client can have 10 visits for $25 and 20 visits for $40. The monthly rate for unlimited visits is $35 or $5 a visit. The Mega bed has twisted bulbs to give the ultimate tan. The amounts  are 10 visits, $50; $90 for 20 visits and $8 per visit.
Annette McCreary has been in the business for the past 27 years, and her long-time co-worker, Alice Spinks has 28 years of experience. They are introducing Dawn Addison from Virginia Beach, Va., with 15 years of experience, who specializes in cuts (new technique) and color for the whole family.
The third member of the team is Elizabeth Madewell. She is the shampoo assistant and soon to be apprentice.  The group all specialize in Scruples color and highlights, which lightens and deposits color at the same time with no double processing.
“We have a new pedicure chair where one can get a pedicure and massage at the same time,” Annette said. “We also can offer microdermabrasion. Alice and I have undergone advanced training in this newest technology in the industry for wrinkles, ache, brown spots and freckles. It cleanses the face of all impurities and removes up to four layers of dead skin.”
McCreary invites everyone to come out, see the new shop and make an appointment. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until. Walk-ins are welcome, but to call for an appointment, call 867-3888 or 867-5815.