Blueberry Chase 5K held to raise money for WSN track team

Published 2:35 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2011

W.S. Neal High School’s track team hasn’t hosted a home meet in more than six years, but that will soon change after the track is repaired this summer.
And the team has already had two fundraisers this month—a race in Texas and one in Brewton.
Just before the Brewton Blueberry Chase 5K got under way on Saturday morning, race host and track coach Rebecca Massie got a big surprise as the host of the Texas Run for the Eagles showed up to race in Brewton.
Adrienne Langelier and Massie met through the Brooks running team, a competitive group of which both are members.
Because of her friendship with Massie, Langelier organized the Run for the Eagles in The Woodlands, Texas, where she lives and works as a sports psychologist.
“I live in a blessed community, and I decided to use my resources to help out,” Langelier said. “We have a little something to give.”
And deciding to show up in Brewton for the Blueberry Chase was an easy sell, too, she said—and she came in first among the women.
“It was a great race; I enjoyed it,” Langelier said. “We wanted to let the team know that someone cares about them.”
Bill Dwyer, who is Langelier’s running coach in Texas, said he also wanted to join the race.
“We met Rebecca last weekend, and it was immediate we knew we were coming,” he said. “We couldn’t say no. She’s an awesome person.”
Massie said the race will help rebuild the track and rebuild the team’s reserves for next year.
“We’re starting our season again, but we’ll be starting from scratch,” she said.
Men’s finishers in Saturday’s 5K include:
1.Michael Knowles 19:13
2.Keith Bell 19: 48
3.Daniel Garner 20:54
4.Doug Darby 20:58
5.Christian Carlson 21:06
6.Ryan Snowden 22:03
7.Andrew Pollitte 22:29
8.Jeffrey White 23:19
9.Carter Frezell 23:46
10.Alan Ash 23:50
11.Gordon Stopher 27:12
12.Ramon Casto 28:02
13.Jon Walk 29:28
14.Josh Bean 29:50
15.Ed Glaize 29:54
16.Stewart Campbell 31:19
17.Brian White 31:59
18.Justin Marshall 32:21
19.Davis Wade 32:28
20.Mike Wade 33:08
21.Jason Thomas 34:05
22.Michael Cosey 34:14
23.Jason Franklin 34: 18
24.Tanner Franklin 37:29
25.John Fountain 39:32
26.Chandler White 39:32
27.David Rush 40:40
28.Leslie Cooper 43:45
29.Wayne Griffin 43:50
30.Bill Dwyer 52:22
Female finishers were:
1.Adrienne Langelier 19:20
2.Samantha Garner 20:21
3.Breann Huff 25:10
4.Beverly Byrd 25:44
5.Katie Lee 26:12
6.Tracy Watson 26:33
7.Julie Green 27:29
8.Tracy Smith 29:19
9.Morgan Gwynn 31:01
10.Carrie Field 31:02
11.Natalie Nall 31:12
12.Hannah Blair 36:29
13.Madelyn Cave 36:36
14.Madison McFadden 36:39
15.Ashleigh Fillmore 37:31
16.Meredith Campbell 38:18
17.Daphne Davis 39:31
18.Sarah Anne Fountain 39:48
19.Vivian Layton 41:18
20.Dale Ash 42:34
21.Jolene Cosey 43:56
22.Debby Griffin 51:59
23.Aleshia Stubbs 52:00
24.Donna Moye 52:26
25.Lisa Anthony 52:27

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