Brewton kicks off summer reading program

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dozens of children attended the first day of the summer reading program Thursday at the Brewton Public Library as the library kicked off their “One World, Many Stories” program.
On the first day, children learned about electrical safety as PowerSouth Energy Cooperative and Southern Pine of Brewton presented a program telling children of how to light up their lives safely.
In the program Thursday, Anna Stevens of PowerSouth Energy of Andalusia talked to the children in attendance about how to be safe around power lines.
“Electricity is a very good thing, but it is also dangerous and we need to be very careful around it,” Stevens said.
Stevens told children how PowerSouth makes the power and sends it to Southern Pine who gets it out to the homes.
“We use natural gas, water, and coal to make electricity at our plant,” Stevens told the children. “We get those fuel sources and we produce steam in a turbine and when it turns, it makes mechanical energy. All this takes place in our power plant and turns into electrical energy. Then it goes to the substation and it goes to the transmission lines and sends power to your house through the transformers.”
From there Stevens showed the big rubber gloves line workers wear when they work on the lines.
“We can’t hear or see electricity so our workers wear the special gloves to be protected around electricity,” Stevens said. “We can’t smell electricity either. A conductor is something that allows electricity to run through it. Water is a conductor and our human bodies are mostly water so electricity can run through us.”
Wearing the gloves, Stevens touched the power lines to show electricity running through it and how it could hurt or burn if you come in touch with it unprotected.
“An insulator is the opposite of a conductor,” Stevens said. “Wood is an example because it does not allow electricity to run through it and another is rubber. That is why our people on the lines wear rubber so they can protect themselves. So that is why I did not get shocked when I touched the power line.”
Stevens then told children that electricity is always looking for a path to the ground.
“Lightning strikes to the ground,” Stevens said. “If there was a storm and you and your parents were driving and saw a line on the ground, you should not get out and move it because as soon as you touch the line, you are going to get electrocuted. Also, if your friend did not know you were not supposed to touch a power line and they touched it, you should not help them or pull them off because you would get shocked.”
Stevens showed those in attendance an example of this through the power line exhibit.
“Always go get help if you see this happen,” Stevens said. “Never use a ladder around lines or dig holes around power poles or electrical boxes either. Even though the lines around our house may not be as big as the other lines, we can still get hurt.”
Programs are to be held every Thursday at the library with children also getting prizes and T-shirts for books read. Some programs fall on days other than Thursdays. All programs will begin at 10 a.m. Other programs at the library this summer include:
• June 23 — Smokey Bear and forester Madeline Hildreth
• June 30 — Melinda Mills’ “Learning Through Song”
• July 7 — Thad Moore will share a book he authored along with Sheriff Grover Smith and his adventures as sheriff
• July 14 — Gabby the Clown with balloons and other activities
• July 18 — JSU Children’s Theatre
• July 21 — Alex Alvarez of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians with stores and Indian lore and music
• July 28 — The Environmental Cooperative with reptiles and amphibians of Alabama — ticket required

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