Brewton PD assists in roundup

Published 4:18 pm Monday, July 11, 2011

The Brewton Police Department participated in a roundup of suspects wanted on drug and firearms charges last week in Andalusia.
Nearly 30 people were jailed in the roundup that involved some 49 officers from agencies across the region.
The effort, which was coordinated by the 22nd Circuit Drug Task Force, was a culmination of an eight-month long undercover operation and involved 13 law enforcement agencies.
DTF commander Mark Odom said the arrests were made possible when DTF agents were able to record “buys” by using an undercover officer hired and trained by the Andalusia Police Department. The APD, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the DTF funded the roundup.
Odom said 36 warrants were issued for 27 individuals, and 26 of those were in custody just hours after the operation began.
“We arrested people for marijuana, pills and cocaine, and mostly for distribution,” Odom said. “Some of those arrested will also face federal gun and drug charges. Additionally, others were arrested by officers at the scenes on other charges when those warrants were served.”
There were 49 officers from the Andalusia, Opp, Ozark, Dothan, Greenville and Brewton police departments; the Alabama Beverage Control Board; Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; Covington County District Attorney’s Office; Covington County Sheriff’s Office and the county’s IRT team participating in the roundup.
Officers broke into teams to serve the warrants in different parts of the county.
“I think the citizens of Andalusia and Covington County can be pleased knowing these drug dealers are off the streets,” Odom said. “I know I am.”
District attorney Walt Merrell said residents can “breathe easier” now that dozens of predators have been taken off the streets.
“(Those arrested) have preyed on the young, the weak and the afflicted for long enough,” Merrell said. “The act of selling drugs is sub human, and we won’t tolerate it. Predators belong in a cage, and that’s where we intend to put anyone who sells drugs.”

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