Belleville Avenue to close — again

Published 4:06 pm Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drivers who have made their way through the maze of roads signs along Belleville Avenue need to heed the warnings of those signs — again.
Ray Madden supervisor of the Brewton City Gas and Water Department, said traffic has increased during recent weeks due to the lack of work being done in the area.
“While there was no work going on, drivers have been using the street more and more,” Madden said. “We are getting ready to finish up the work there and will soon be closing off the street again.”
Madden said work will be in full swing in just over a week with crews along the area during the week with supply and prep work to finish up the job.
The work to be completed was left unfinished when Martin Construction was unable to finish the work.
New contracts for completion of the project have been awarded to Beasley and Company of Brewton who will wrap up the project that has taken nearly a year to finish. Their contract will bring between $45,000 and $65,000 in payments for their work.
Paving will be done by Roads, Inc., of Cantonment, Fla., at a cost of $136,000, city officials said.
“We really want to get this project finished as quickly as we can,” Madden said. “We hope we can get it done in three weeks, but it could take as much as four weeks to finish.”
Madden said some of the work needed to finish the project includes manhole work and paving.
“We just hope we can get the community to cooperate with us while this work is done,” Madden said. “If folks will pay attention to the road closing signs, we’ll get through this just fine.”
Madden said portions of Belleville Avenue will be closed to all traffic as early as next Wednesday.

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