Mobley enters plea in tax fraud case

Published 11:09 am Monday, July 25, 2011

Alice Mobley changed her mind last month about pleading guilty to federal charges including tax fraud. Friday, she changed her mind again and entered her plea of guilt.

Mobley, a resident of Monroeville, was an owner in Preyear Tax and Check Cashing Services with offices in Atmore, Monroeville and Thomasville.

Mobley appeared before a judge Friday and pled guilty to charges of conspiracy, tax perjury, wire fraud and identity theft in connection with income tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service. Each of the charges carries a mandatory two-year prison sentence. She has also been charged with other offenses, which carry additional sentence possibilities.

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Attorneys for the prosecution in the case estimated Mobley could spend the next 8 to 14 years behind bars, based on advisory guidelines.

Mobley is accused of bilking the IRS of more then a half million dollars by using fraudulent information on tax returns filed for clients over a period of time.