Boo Weekley golf scramble held at CCB

Published 8:12 am Thursday, July 28, 2011

For the second straight year, the Country Club of Brewton welcomed PGA golfer Boo Weekley and comedian Larry the Cable Guy.
Weekley, a resident of Jay, Fla. and a member of the Country Club of Brewton, was in Brewton this past weekend for his ninth annual Boo Weekly Camp Compass Scramble that was held Friday, Saturday and Sunday (July 21-24) at the County Club of Brewton.
Camp Compass is based out of Allentown, Pa., and helps inner city kids. The group promotes outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, etc. The money raised from the tournament helps pay for the expenses that come along with that.
Weekley’s tournament is held at the Country Club of Brewton because Boo considers the course his home course and is where he often plays and practices.
On Friday night before the tournament was to begin on Saturday, a live and silent auction was held to help raise money for Camp Compass.
In the past years, Weekley’s tournament has generated more than $250,000 for Camp Compass and other local charities.
A total of nine flights played in the tournament with 103 teams of two golfers for a total of 206 total golfers.
As for the tournament on Saturday and Sunday, winners were: Championship flight: 1st- Payton Osborne and Jeff Champion with a score of 120 (59/61), tied for 2nd- John Wright and Haymes Snedeker with a 122 (59/63) and McGowin Miller and Robbie Cotton with a 122 (62/60).
1st Flight: 1st-Ryan Davis and Keith Cone with a 122 (59/63), 2nd- Kevin and Trenton Terrell with a 123 (61/62) and tied for third was Steven Thomas and Tripp Owens (60/65) and Shawn Crooks and Rick Carden (61/64) with a 125.
2nd Flight: 1st-Jack McSwain and David Koran with a 126 (64/62), Kelly Gillis and Murray Rutledge with a 128 (64/64), 3rd- Jeff Burroughs and Bill Mitchell with a 131 (64/67).
3rd Flight: 1st-Wendall Stephens and Roland Jones with a 126 (62/64), 2nd- Chad and Norton Arant with a 131 (63/68), 3rd- David Stokes and Rucker Brown 133 (64/69).
4th Flight: 1st- Jerry Brantley and Jody Dortch with a 134 (66/68) and Pete Sellers and Trawick with a 134 (66/68) tied for first. 3rd- Richard Teal and Paul Averitt with a 135 (66/69).
5th Flight: 1st- James Ward and Chris Coleman with a 132 (66/66), 2nd- Fella Owens and Caleb Dortch with a 135 (67/68), 3rd-Richie McLeod and Stephen Sinipoli with a 136 (69/67).
6th Flight: 1st- Jesse Allen and Ricky Jackson with a 133 (66/67), tied for second was Scott Ware and Dusty Godwin with a 137 (66/71), and Keith and Bill Megginson with a 137 (66/71).
7th Flight: Tied for 1st was Bruce Adams and Womack with a 132 (65/67) and Tommy Thompson and Ed Williamson with a 67/65. Tied for third was Chippy Byrne and Gerald Stacey with a 136 (68/68) and Bill Henderson and Richard Rotch with a 136 (68/68).
8th Flight: 1st- Jeff Martin and Ralph Innes with a 141 (69/72), 2nd- Scott Posey and Nick Saba with a 142 (68/74) and 3rd- Joe Brown and Abrams with a 147 (72/75).