Raid in Jay: Complex shut down during investigation

Published 3:00 am Saturday, July 30, 2011

Law enforcement officers and agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation converged on the Jay, Fla., medical complex Thursday to conduct an investigation targeting two physicians at the facility.
Liz Adams, marketing media manager with Baptist Healthcare who manages the hospital in Jay, said the investigation by officials does not target the hospital or any staff member employed by Baptist.
“The FBI served subpoenas on Thursday in connection with an investigation on two independent physicians in Jay,” Adams said. “The physicians are not employed by Baptist Healthcare and the hospital there is not the target of the investigation.”
Adams did not elaborate on any details of the investigation, other than Baptist officials are cooperating fully with the FBI in the investigation.
The raid by law enforcement officials began Thursday morning and continued throughout the day with Florida State Troopers turning patients away as they approached the complex.
Investigators on the scene Thursday included officials from the U.S. Attorney’s office, FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
The office being searched is owned by Dr. David Smith and is used by two physicians, according to reports.
The complex was closed to patients and customers Thursday but was re-opened on Friday morning.
Adams said no information concerning the nature of the investigation or how low it may take to complete has been made available to Baptist Healthcare officials.
“The extent of our involvement is to simply work with investigators in this case,” Adams said. “We will provide any files or information requested by the agencies involved.”
No arrests in connection with the raid or investigation had been made known as of press time.

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