Danley: “I love being around the game”

Published 11:39 am Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Josh Danley, 23, played football and baseball as a youth. Now in his 20s, the love for baseball has still kept him in the game—as an umpire.
“I went to W.S. Neal and I played football and baseball,” Danley said. “I have been umpiring for about four years now and I love it. I got into it because I love being around the game.”
In order to become an umpire, you have to know the game and take a test to get certified. Danley said the test is not all that hard if you know baseball.
“If you know baseball, then you can pass the test,” Danley said. “Umpiring is very fun but it get be a bit nerve-racking especially if you are calling behind the plate because everybody on the other side of the fence has a better view even though you are right there. They can still see better or so they think.”
Danley said if you are calling out in the field on the bases, it is not that bad.
“It is pretty laid back out there,” Danley said. “But it really does not bother me when people fuss. You have to learn to just let it go. You do have to keep control of the game. You cannot let the fans run the game.
“Even if that means giving a warning or even throwing someone out. Normally the people that fuss the most are the people that don’t have any clue about what is going on. They are just going with everybody else, but they don’t know when to stop.”
While he has only been umpiring for four short years, Danley has one play and call that has stuck out to him.
“There was a play at home where the runner slides in and the throw was perfect and the catcher dropped the ball,” Danley said. When the runner slid in, he won the game. It was a great play on both ends. The best part is watching the kids have fun and get better over the years. The worst part would be the fans but that is all part of it.”

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